Post 4 – April Showers 24:04:2012

Having enjoyed a sunny March, Marlow along with many other parts of the country, has suffered from constant and sometimes heavy April showers.  Early indications suggest that this may be the wettest April since records began – strange to think we are suffering drought conditions and a hose pipe ban. Photography this month was restricted to a few rushed sessions dodging the showers.  I therefore spent a little of time looking through my image files and re-editing.  Here are a few images, most of which were made this year.

River Sunset

This was made some time ago during one of the most spectacular winter sunsets I have seen.  The view is from Bisham Church Yard looking west up stream of the River Thames.  This panorama is made up of three separate images stitched together.

Exif.   Not available

Blue Tit

A Blue Tit sitting in a tree on the river bank just long enough to fire off a number of exposures.


Date:   10:04:2012   Time: 11.33.17    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:  Canon  EF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Aperture:   f/5.6    Shutter Speed:   1/250   ISO: 200   Focal Length:   40.0 mm

Storm Clouds and Sunshine

A late afternoon scene of  Marlow Bridge and All Saints Church bathed in sunshine, with heavy storm clouds beyond.


Date:   10:12:2012   Time: 16.31.26    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:  Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Aperture:   f/8,0   Shutter Speed:   1/250   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   40.0 mm

Where’s my path gone? River Thames in Flood

Heavy rainfall, particularly on the hills along the route of the River Thames has seen river levels increase dramatically.  Increased amounts of water are controlled by the River Authorities, via a series of sluices that manage the volumes of water as it makes its way down to the Thames Estuary and out into the North Sea.  This minimizes the risk of major flooding of those towns located on the river.


Date:   20:04:2012   Time: 16.09.38    Camera:   Canon EOS 300D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   f/8.0   Shutter Speed:   1/200   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   29.0 mm

Rain Clouds over Bisham Church

This wonderful old church with Norman tower sits with churchyard right on the banks of the River Thames.


Date:   15:02:2012   Time: 15.38.54    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Aperture:   f/9,0   Shutter Speed:   1/250   ISO:  400   Focal Length:  35.0 mm


©  Copyright Chris Hotton 2012


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