Post 5 – Spring has arrived

The reason for the delay in publishing this latest post is due in part to a week away in Devon and Cornwall and continual heavy rainfall.  My trip to Devon and Cornwall was great and yielded a large number of images, which now have to be edited.   The best of these images will be posted over the next few weeks on my website at in the New Additions – Devon & Cornwall – May 2012 Gallery.

I have been back in Marlow for nearly a week now.  We have had a great deal of rain interspersed with a few hours of sunshine.   The river levels have fallen and much of the Thames Path between Marlow and Henley is now walkable, although this is more likely due to water flow management by the Environmental Agency than a genuine reduction of water levels.

As a result I have not been able to get out with my cameras, so this post is made up of earlier images from my Marlow store.

Sunlight and Rain Clouds

One of the few images made in Marlow this month.  A burst of brilliant sunshine with the heavy rain clouds providing a backdrop to this iconic river scene.


Date:   01:05:2012  Time: 16.53.26    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Aperture:   f/5.6   Shutter Speed:   1/1600   ISO:  200   Focal Length:   32.0 mm


 Duck in Flight
A male Mallard in flight over the River Thames.

Date:   28:03::2012  Time: 14.14.02    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 70 – 300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Aperture:   f/5.6   Shutter Speed:   1/2000   ISO:  200   Focal Length:  240.0 mm

Sun Worshippers

A pair of swans enjoying the sunshine on a warm February afternoon.


Date:   17:02:2010  Time: 15.28.54    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:    Canon EF 70 – 300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Aperture:   f/13.0   Shutter Speed:   1/250   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   300.0 mm

All Saints Church from Marlow Bridge in Late Afternoon

This image was made in December 2011 just before sunset on a beautiful clear cloudless afternoon.  My camera on tripod was position beside the Berkshire tower of Marlow Bridge.


Date:   07:12:2011  Time: 15.28.37    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS

Aperture:   f/5.6   Shutter Speed:   1/25   ISO:  100   Focal Length:  20.0 mm

The Colleen Bawn leaving Temple Lock

The Colleen Bawn, a fine looking narrowboat is seen leaving Temple Lock, about a mile upstream from Marlow.  This is an HDR edit made up of three images with different exposures merged together.  I find that HDR often provides a solution to images that are dull and cannot be lifted by normal editing.  I don’t use HDR very often, however on some occasions the HDR effect can be quite dramatic.


Not available at this time.


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