Post No. 9 – Some Blasts from the Past

Apart from a very few hours of sunshine this week has been pretty awful from a photographic point of view,  I have therefore decided to go back over my archive and re-edit some of my earlier images, a selection  of which I have posted below:  –

The Two Brewers in Snow

Filmed on 18th December 2009 after a night of snow.   The Two Brewers is located close to the slipway at the end of St Peter Street, possibly the oldest street in Marlow.  The current hostelry was established in 1755 and was very popular with fishermen.  Today The Two Brewers is popular with both locals and visitors who come to enjoy its old world charm, either to drink or to eat in its fine restaurant.


Date:   18.12.2009  Time: 09:08:45    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   f/6.0   Shutter Speed:   1/25   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   17.0 mm

Saint Nicolas Church – Remenham

Another winter scene, this time of St Nicholas Church in the small village of Remenham just down stream from Henley-on-Thames   Norman in origin, this church was substantially rebuilt in 1870.


Date:   09.01.2010  Time: 11.40.16    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   f/10.0   Shutter Speed:   1/125   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   17.0 mm

Swan Uppers on the River Thames

Swan Upping is a uniquely English tradition, which dates back to the 12th century and takes place during the third week of July each year on the River Thames between Sunbury Lock in Middlesex and Abingdon in Oxfordshire.   Mute swans in open water were traditionally owned by the Sovereign, however in the 15th century ownership was extended by Royal Charter to include the Vintners Company and the Dyers Company,two City Livery Companies.

Each year Swan Uppers for the Queen, the Vintners and the Dyers row up the river in skiffs to catch swans.   Swans caught by the Queen’s Swan Uppers under the direction of the Swan Marker are unmarked.  Those caught by the Swan Uppers for the two Livery Companies are ringed.

Traditionally Swan Uppers were chosen from lightermen who worked in the Port of London, a tradition that was passed from father to son and still continues today.


Date:   21.07.2010 Time: 11.27.36    Camera:   Canon EOS 300D   Lens:   Canon  EF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Aperture:   f/7.1   Shutter Speed:   1/320   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   110.0 mm


Another evening shot of  Marlow Bridge from the river. This time the smoothness of the water and the evening sunlight has given the image a mellow feel.


No Exif. information available

Bisham Abbey

Bisham Abbey, a Grade 1 listed building, was built around 1260 as a community house for two Knights Templar.  When the Knights Templar were suppressed in 1307 King Edward II took over the manorial rights, which he then granted to various relatives.  Today Bisham Abbey is one of five National Sports Centers operated by Sport England.


No Exif. information available


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