Post No. 10 – The Magic of the River Thames

Another selection of images showing the magic of the River Thames at this time of year: –

Pen and Cygnets

I have been watching this family of swans since the mother and her mate started to build their nest back in March.  In Post No. 6 of 30th May 2012 I published an image of the mother and young, which was the first time I had seen the young since they hatched.  A month later shows how much they have grown in such a short time.

Four Men in a Boat

The boat is a Thames skiff and is similar to the boat described  in Jerome K Jerome’s book “Three Men in a Boat”.  The skiff comes with a canopy to protect the crew from the sun (or more likely the rain).  The idea was to spend several days exploring the river, setting up a tent on the river bank at night.

Island Heron

I have seen this Heron often over the last two years.  He lives on a small island on the river near Aston and does not seem to be affected by the many boats that pass him by during the summer.

All Saints Church, Bisham – On a Mid-Summers Evening

 All Saints Church – Bisham on a fine summer’s evening as piece and quiet descends on the river.

Darkness Falls over the River

A brilliant sunset is about to end as darkness falls over the river.  This is an image taken from Marlow Bridge, looking upstream.


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