Post 11 – First Post of my new combined Photoblog

Here is the first post of my new amalgamated photo blog.

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Seattle Panorama

A panorama of the Seattle city skyline taken from the opposite bank of Lake Washington.  This panorama was made from three images stitched together in Panorama Factory.

Towanroath Pumping Engine House – Wheal Coates

The remains of Towanroath can be found on the side of cliffs on the North Cornish coast, between Porthtowan and St Agnes.  This building houses the engine that pumped water via a 600 ft shaft from the mine workings below sea level.

Towanrath Engine House – MONO

Most photographers who come to this region visit Towanroath. I tried therefore to create a different image of this iconic Engine House, by giving it an “old world” treatment.

Mowser – The Mosehole Cat

This image was made on the harbour wall at Mouseholoe and reminds me of the children’s’ story by Antonia Barber about a cat called Mowser, who with his master Tom Bawcock braved a storm to catch fish to feed the starving people of Mousehole. Whilst Tom fished the cat purred to sooth the storm and on returning to the protection of Mousehole harbour, Tom cooked the entire catch into a Stargazy Pie and fed the people.

Long before the book was written the people of Mousehole celebrated Tom Bawcock’s Eve which takes place on 23rd December and when Stargazy pie is traditionally served.

Horse and Stable

A pastoral Devon scene of a horse waiting outside his stable.

This is an HDR image, that is to say it is a number of images with different levels of exposure merged together.

HDR is not a treatment that I use often, although it can be very effective

Tractor Shed

Another HDR image, this time of a fine old tractor in its shed.

Rolls Royce Silver Waith

Believed to have been built in 1952, this superbly maintained Rolls Royce is still working as a wedding car.


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