Post No. 13 – Some Favorites Re-Edited

There are often times when it is not possible to get out with the camera.  During these periods I frequently go back into my archive and re-edit a selection of images.  I find it useful to compare the re-edit with the original, this gives me a good indication of whether my editing skills have improved.

Kirkland Pier in Morning Mist

Believe it or not this is a colour image, taken on a misty November morning in Kirkland, a district of Seattle on the North West coast of the United States.  Kirkland sits on the East side of lake Washington.  It is also difficult to believe that not many minutes after this image was made the mist was gone to be replaced by briliant blue skies and sunshine.


Last year I was invited as a guest of the Marlow Camera Club to go on an outing to the Anglian Wolf Society’s sanctuary in North Bedfordshire.  This is Cheza, an alfa male Carpathian wolf , definitely the boss and star of the show.  There were four wolves in the sanctuary, who most of the time appeared to be very friendly.  After a brief period with the wolves it is easy to forget that they are savage wild animals and must be treated with the upmost respect.

The Anglian Wolf Society do not advertise their address but if you book a visit you will receive full instructions of how to get there.  It is a great place to visit, especially for children, who will have the opportunity to see these beautiful animals in a natural environment.  They also have special trips for photographers.  If you want more information their web address is

Logan Rock

Logan Rock is an example of a logan or rocking rock and also the name given to the small peninsula on which the rock stands.  Although weighing over 80 tons, the rock’s fine balance enabled it to be rocked by a single man.  In 1824 a group of sailors under the command of Lieutenant Hugh Goldsmith, R.N. managed to dislodge the rock, much to the annoyance of local people.  After a considerable number of complaints to the Royal Navy, the sailors were made to replace the rock from where it had fallen, not an easy task.  The rock can be see at the highest point at the end of the peninsula, looking quite insignificant for 80 tons.

St Ives Harbour at Low Tide

St Ives is located on the North West coast of Cornwall opposite Penzance and approximately 16 miles from Lands End.   Fine summer weather and access to sandy beaches has made St Ives a popular holiday resort.  It is the quality of the light here that has attracted numerous artists to St Ives and still does to this day.  The importance of St Ives as a center for artists was recognised in 1993 with the opening of Tate St Ives , a branch of the Tate Gallery.

This image was made in August 2008 and show the harbour at low tide on a rather grey day.  It is often said that when the weather is bad in St Ives it is likely to be good in Penzance and vice versa.

Devon Sunset

This image was made in May this year after a very wet and windy day and shows the sun setting over Dartmoor


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