Post 14 – More Images from the Past

Another week of appalling weather has meant that it has not been possible to get out with the cameras again.  I have therefore  re-edited some earlier images, which I have posted below.

St Michael’s Mount – Marazion

Located off the shore at Marazion in West Cornwall sits St Michael’s Mount, the family seat of the St Albyn family since  1665.  The island is connected to the mainland by a stone causeway exposed at low tide.  This image was made just after dawn on an April morning with a flooding tide.


Date:   21.04.2009  Time: 05:41:40    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   f/10.0   Shutter Speed:   1/30   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   17.0 mm

Bishop’s Palace – Wells

Begun in 1210, the Bishop’s Palace has been the home of the Bishop of Bath and Wells for over 900 years.  The Bishop’s Palace sits next to the breathtakingly beautiful Wells Cathedral, completed in 1250 and featured in my last post.  The image is of  the fortified Tower Gatehouse and moat.


Date:   20.05.2010  Time: 13:37:17    Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   f/7.1   Shutter Speed:   1/125   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   17.0 mm

Canoes entering Marlow Lock

This image is of a group of canoeists out on a Sunday morning enjoying the River Thames to themselves.  I have created this HDR version from three images shot at high speed and with a rage of exposures and then blended them together in Photomatix to give image a bright punchy effect.


Date:   15.08.2010  Time: 1i:34:44   Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   HDR   Shutter Speed:   1/125   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   23.0 mm

 Leaving Temple Lock

Pleasure boats are discharged downstream from Temple Lock, located about a mile to the west of Marlow.  Locks can be very busy in the summer months and patience is often required.  This is also and HDR image, which produces an almost surreal feeling to the scene.


Date:   21.08.2010  Time: 11:40:39   Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon  EF 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Aperture:   HDR   Shutter Speed:   1/400   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   70.0 mm

Winter Sunset

A glorious winter sunset seen from Marlow Bridge.  This time of year the river is deserted by both humans and wildlife and all is still and quiet,


Date:   07.12.2011  Time: 15:31:23   Camera:   Canon EOS 30D   Lens:   Canon EF 17-40 mm  f/4.0 L  USM

Aperture:   HDR   Shutter Speed:   1/250   ISO:  100   Focal Length:   18.0 mm

If you have enjoyed my images, you can be sent future posts by e-mail by clicking on the “Follow” icon at the top of this page.  If you have any questions about my work I shall be happy to try and answer them.  If you would like prints of any of my images please contact me by e-mail at: –


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