Post No. 19 – Marlow – Cornwall – Paris

I have been looking through my photographic archive and selecting some of my favorite images for publishing.  I have about eight years worth of images to sort through so the task will take some considerable time.

Until recently I have saved every image on DVDs, which takes up a lot of space and considerable time.  I have therefore invested in a 2 TB external hard drive and I am going through each disk, deleting the rubbish images and saving the  good ones on to the hard drive.  I am also going to investigate backing up the hard drive on a Cloud, which will mean getting rid of disks altogether.

We will soon be moving towards the winter months, which will reduce the opportunity to shoot good photographs.  I therefore propose to add a few of my earlier shots that have not been published before.

This post is therefore a bit of a hotchpot and hope you will like it.

All Saints Church Bisham

September is always one of the best months for photography, with a good amount of sunshine and exceptional light.  The first two images were taken on 3rd September in late afternoon.  I very much like the green of the trees against the white stone and red brick and tile of the church tower.  At this time of year you would normally see the browns of autumn appearing, however this years high rainfall has meant a delay in the autumnal change.

Aperture:   f/8   Shutter Speed:   1/400   ISO:   100

Marlow Bridge Panorama

I never apologize for posting images of Marlow Bridge, as each one appears to be slightly different.  Here swans and ducks are enjoying wonderful September afternoon sunshine, made possible by the lack of river traffic.

Apperture:   f/8   Shutter Speed:   1/160   ISO:   100

Panorama of Penberth Cove

Penberth is a tiny fishing village on the south side of the Penwith Peninsula, approximately seven miles southwest of Penzance.  Penberth Cove is one of the last remaining traditional fishing coves in Cornwall, although sadly since the 1980’s only a very few fishermen remain here, making a living from catching mackerel, lobster and crab.  This image was taken on the stone slipway looking out to the English Channel. At the top of the slipway is a man operated caxton used to haul fishing boats up to protect them from stormy seas.

Aperture:   f/9   Shutter Speed:    1/160   IOSO:   400

Cliffs at Penberth Cove

This image was made in January this year at Penberth Cove at about mid-day.  I particularly like the colours and textures of the granite rocks created by the rather watery winter sunshine.

Aperture:   f/9.0   Shutter Speed:   1/160   ISO:   100

Fisherman’s Cottage at Penberth

 A typical fisherman’s cottage located at the top of the slipway at Penberth.  The brightly coloured buoys and floats make this scene most colourful as evening twilight sets in.

Exposure:   f/4.5   Shutterspeed:   1/500   ISO:   400

La Basilica de Sacre Coeur

One of the most iconic buildings in Paris, the Basilica of Sacre Coeur sits high on a hill at Monmartre over looking the city.  This image was made in the morning of a very cold December day.

Aperture:   f/7.1   Shutter Speed   1/160   ISO:   100

Ponte de Notre Dame across the River Seine in Paris

This fine bridge across the River Seine links the quai de Gesvres on the Left bank with the quai de la Corse on the Île de la Cité.  Again the very cold December morning with watery sunshine has given lovely colours to the buildings, bridge and roadways.

Aperture:   f/9   Shutter Speed:   1/120   ISO:   100

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All Images are Copyright.    Chris Hotton  ©  2012


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