Post 24 – A Taste of Portmeirion

It is snowing hard outside this morning, which means that the chance of getting out with the camera today are not good.  It is natural when the weather is inclement to think about past days of clear blue skies and hot sunshine and I am reminded of two trips we made in 2011 to Portmeirion, a village located on the Dwyryd Estuary on the West Coast of North Wales.

The village was designed and built between 1925 and 1975 by Sir Clough William-Ellis in the style of an Italian village. He did this he said “to pay tribute to the atmosphere of the Mediterranean”.  The village has starred in a number of films and television programs, perhaps the best known being the 1960’s psychological thriller “The Prisoner”.



Portmeirion viewed from below the Hotel looking back at the buildings on the hill surrounding the Bell Tower.  Many of the buildings at Portmeirion are available as holiday lets on a weekly basis.


Bell Tower or Campanile

The iconic bell tower was designed and built by Clough Williams-Ellis in 1928 and is one of the most prominent structures of the village.  The yellow painted building with blue painted shutters is Government House and the white single storey building is Watch House

IMG_1363 a

The Pantheon

The Pantheon, built in 1961, dominates the upper part of Portmeirion.  Its inclusion in Portmeirion was because Clough Williams-Ellis felt that the original village suffered from “Dome Deficiency”.


Buddha’s Shelter

Below the Pantheon is a shelter containing a large statue of Buddha.  This was part of the set of the block-buster  film “Inn of the Sixth Happiness” starring Ingrid Bergman and filmed at Portmeirion.  The statue was  present to Clough Williams-Ellis on completion of the film by the producers.


Portmeirion Hotel

Portmeirion Hotel as seen from the upper part of the village looking out towards the mouth of the estuary at high tide.  The tower beyond the Hotel is Observatory Tower and contains a Camera Obscura.  Guest can visit the Camera , which give stunning panoramas of Portmeirion and the Dwyryd Estuary.


Toll House with a Statue of St Peter on the Balcony 

Located on Battery Square is the Toll House, with a carved painted statue of St Peter on the balcony, presumably preaching to the crowds below.  Behind the Toll House is Bridge House spanning the main access road.


Lady’ Lodge and Round House, Battery Square

This image was taken from the balcony of the Toll House looking down on Battery Square.  The right hand building is Lady’s House and next to it is the upper part of Round House, a shop that specializes in “The Prisoner” memorabilia.

The Prisoner was a very popular 17 episode psychological thriller starring Patrick McGoohan,  first shown on ITV commencing September 1968.  Patrick McGoohan played  a character known only as Number 6 and anyone who watched it will remember his immortal line ” I am not a number I am a free man!”


Lady’s House and Round House

This image was taken on top of Bristol colonnade and looks back to Lady’s House and Round House with Battery Square behind.


The Piazza with the Bristol Colonnade behind


The Piazza from The Pantheon

To the left hand rear of the image is the Town Hall with a statue of Atlas in front.


Tide recedes  on the Dwyryd Estuary


Even Sheep enjoy the Seaside.

I thought it quite unusual to find a flock of sheep wandering on the sands of the estuary.  As high tide approaches the sheep move up into the woodland until the water recedes enough for them to venture back on the sand.


Low Tide on the Dwyryd Estuary looking back at  Snowdonia 

Taken at low tide the impressive backdrop of mountains are part of the Snowdonia Range.  There is easy access to the Snowdonia National Park and Mount Snowdon from Portmeirion.  It is even possible to see Snowdonia by steam train from Porthmadog, which adjoins Portmeirion.


Full Moon at the Dwyryd Estuary

A full moon lights up the Dwyryd Estuary.

It has been fun to put this blog together and I look forward to returning to Portmeirion later this year.  If you would like any further information or have any questions regarding my images please contact me by leaving a message below


One thought on “Post 24 – A Taste of Portmeirion

  1. Great pics Chris….. Just one thing……… why are there no people wearing badges with numbers on them and why are there no huge balloons chasing people across the estuary?

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