Post 28 – Henley on Thames in Brilliant Sunshine (Part 1)

My apologies for not having blogged for a while, however the weather has been so dreadful of late making it virtually impossible to shoot outdoors, that is until last Tuesday when we had brilliant sunshine all day. As luck would have it I found myself in Henley-on-Thames with a couple of hours to spare before lunch.

Henley is not the easiest town to photograph – narrow streets and heavy traffic means a high degree of patience is required to get a sufficiently clear shot.  My Henley blog is in two parts, the second blog will be published at the weekend.

Town Hall -Final

Henley-on – Thames – Town Hall

This imposing piece of municipal architecture on Market Place was built in 1901, replacing an older Town Hall that was taken down in 1898 and rebuilt on Crazies Hill as a private residence.

Church - Final

Hart Street

Hart Street is the main street in Henley running east from Market Place past the Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin down to Henley Bridge, which crosses the River Thames.

Church Alter 2 Final

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin (1)

It is believed that a church stood on this site as far back as the year 1000. The current church originates from the 13th century, which was enlarged and restyled in the 15th and 19th. Century. This appears to be quite a large chapel, which is located next to the main knave, with the principal pulpit to the right hand side.

Church Alter - Final

The Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin (2)

This image shows the main alter with choir stalls and screen

Arms Houses - Final 2

Arms Houses

Behind the church is located two terraces of Alms House, this image is of the two storey units,endowed by John Longland, Bishop of Lincoln in 1517. The original buildings were demolished and rebuilt in the Tudor style in 1830. The memorial stone in the foreground is that of the singer Dusty Springfield who sadly past away in 1999

Old Barn - Final

Chantry House

This very old Grade 1 listed building is used by St Mary the Virgin as a Church Hall and it is believed to have its origins in the 1400’s.

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