Post 32 – My Canon EOS 30D returns from the Cleaners

Following my return from my recent trip to Cornwall I had to send away my trusty 30D to be thoroughly cleaned and serviced.   I sent it to 1st Aid Repairs of TumbridgeWells, Kent ,who did a fine job, returning my camera as if new on the day they said they would in their quote.

Whilst the 30D was away I turned to my Canon EOS 300D, which I keep as a spare body and is now almost ten years old.  I had forgotten what a fine camera this is as it produced some pleasing results.  Here are three images made with my super clean Canon EOS 30D.

Bridge Pano final tif

A Panorama of Marlow Bridge

Each time a make a panoramic image of Marlow Bridge, each one is different due to the quality of the light and the changes in the sky.  This pano is made up of two images stitched together.

Blossom 2

Cherry Blossom in a Churchyard

This wonderful tree produces splendid  blossom each spring.  However this year has seen some high winds, so it was necessary to make this image whilst the tree was at its best.

IMG_8083 t hdr

Marlow Bridge from All Saints Churchyard 

There are many photographs of Marlow Bridge taken from many different positions.  This is one of my favorite views of the bridge, standing above the Churchyard.  I have tried this shot many times without too much success, however this one works for me.  Some photographers have a habit of cloning out people form their images, however here the couple sitting on a bench at the water’s edge looking across to the Compleat Angler add to the scene.

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