Post 34 – New Arrivals being introduced to the River

It is the time of year when proud parents introduce their young to the river, providing the photographer with plenty of opportunities.  This year has been no exception and I have posted a number of images of scenes on the River Thames taken over the last few days.


A Family of Swans enjoying the Sunshine

Last year I was lucky enough to photograph this pair of swans from nest building in February to their young swimming in the river in May.  Last year only two cygnets survived, this year they have eight cygnets, five you can see, the other three are behind the swan on the left.

The parents have brought their family to the safety of a mooring inlet.  The nest is a little way down stream and opposite Marlow Weir, which can be quite dangerous  for young cygnets if they swim too close.

Typically I came across this family scene without my camera, so had to make do with my i-phone.  The rule is never to go out without at least a compact camera in your pocket as you never know what will turn up – a rule I sadly forgot in this instance.  The importance of this rule is ably demonstrated in my next blog so watch this space.

Greater Cested Greeb edit 1

Mother Grebe giving her Young a Piggyback 

I spotted this family of Greater Crested Grebe from the towpath just above Marlow Bridge.  The young are being introduced to the river and I have seen one of chick swimming.  They climb upon their mother’s back to rest, however they grow rapidly and will soon be too big for the mother’s back.


Father Grebe returning with Dinner

Whist the mother is enjoying a quiet swim with her chicks, the father is sent of to find food.  Here the father has just surfaced with a juicy fish in its beak


Two Families of Canada Geese

Two sets of proud parents, the family at the rear appear to have twelve goslings and the one at the front has five.

Prints of all the above images are available with mounts that will fit standard frames – A4 prints at £10.00 each plus £3.00 P & P and A3 prints at £20.00 plus £3.00 P & P.  Please contact me via my contact page if you would like to order.


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