Post 35 – A Trip to Mousehole in Bad Weather

Englishmen are often labeled as always talking about the weather.  I think this may because we have such bad weather and a clear sunny day is therefore something of an event.  Our trip to West Cornwall in the second week in June  saw only a few hours of sunshine in five days, the rest being dull and grey with the occasional shower.  I have been going to West Cornwall frequently for 35 years and therefore used to a variety of weather this region produces.

Storms, particularly in winter, are very dramatic, with strong gale force winds creating violent seas.  However this trip was supposed to be for making images and unfortunately dull grey skies produce dull grey images.

To try and salvage something from this trip I have edited a number of images using HDR (High Dynamic Range).  This process takes a number of the same image with different exposures and blends them together.  The later versions of Photoshop have an HDR program, although I personally use Photomatix Pro.  Here  are a mixture of HDR and non HDR images: –

Mousehole Harbour five copy

A Deserted Mousehole Harbour in June

Normally at this time of year the two sandy beaches within the harbour wall would be packed with holiday makers but sadly the dull weather has kept them away.

Mousehole Summer Storm

Summer Storm approaching Mousehole

A summer storm approaches Mousehole from the South.  This image was made outside the harbour wall and therefore its unprotected location will take a pounding from the storm.

Mousehole Harbour four

St Michael’s Mount seen through the Harbour Wall

St Michael’s Mount is framed in the entrance of Mousehole Harbour.  The Mount is located on the other side of St Mounts Bay, east of Penzance.

Mousehole Harbour HDR

Harbour filling towards High Tide

The original image suffered from very bright light in the field of vision.   The HDR treatment has produce a dramatic sky, the original having no sky at all, producing an almost surreal feel.

Mousehole Harbour three

Looking Out towards Lizard Point

Again shooting into bright light causes problems.  Here I have used the HDR edit to produce what I hope is a more interesting image than the flat original image.  Lizard Point is the most southerly part of the United Kingdom.

IMG_8489 copy

Sunshine at Last

Sunshine at Last and holiday makers return to the beach.


Prints of all the above images are available with mounts that will fit standard frames – A4 prints at £10.00 each plus £3.00 P & P and A3 prints at £20.00 plus £3.00 P & P.  Please contact me via my contact page if you would like to order.


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