Post 39 – The Year End

I find  that New Years Eve is often met with anticipation for the year to come, tinged with a little sadness for the year that’s past.  This years end started at the end of November for us with a two week trip to North America, which took in Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.   Our trip started with a nine and a half hour flight direct from London (Heathrow) to Seattle, where we stayed with English friends for Thanksgiving.  Our son Charlie and his fiancé Diana, who live in Cincinnati,  joined us for the holiday and it was wonderful to see them.  As Charlie would not be able to come home for Christmas, we turned Thanksgiving into an early Christmas celebration, presents and all.


My Wife Annie with Charlie and Diana at Snoqualmie Falls

Below are a selection of images taken during our stay in Seattle.

Seattle Pano 3

Seattle Skyline as seen from the Southern shores of Lake Washington

Seattle is a modern city on the shores of Lake Washington and has a dramatic skyline.  This image was taken at Thanksgiving 2008.  The Spaceneedle can be seen at the far left of the the image.

Seattle Downtown edit 1

Down Town Seattle, the Docks and Mount Rainier 

This image was taken from the rear of Pike Place Market looking towards Mount Rainier in the distance.  Pike Place Market is a popular tourist attraction with fish stalls a speciality, which can be seen from the image below.


A Fish Stall at Pike Placwt Market

Kirkland Waterfront

Moorings at KIrkland

Kirkland is a pleasant and much sort after district of Seattle on the shores of Lake Washington.  During the summer months these moorings are crowded with boats.

Kirkland2 col edit

The Waterside at Kirkland

The Kirkland waterside is made up of pleasant parks and elegant residential properties, together with shops,bars and restaurants.


Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is a 268 ft (82 m) waterfall on the Snoqualmie River between Snoqualmie and Fall City, Washington.   The comfortable Salish Lodge and Spa can be seen at the top of the waterfall.  The first time I came hear five years ago the waterfall was shrouded in mist, making photography almost impossible, this time we were much luckier.

I will be posting some images taken in Vancouver in the New Year.  Finally thanks to Stephen and Jane for their wonderful hospitality and a fantastic holiday.


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