Post 41 – Water, Water Everywhere.

It is not often that Marlow hits the  news headlines, however this picturesque river side town has seen some of the worst flooding in recent times.  The River Thames has burst its banks causing large areas to flood including a number of homes, causing considerable damage.

0148 filtered edit

Higginson Park – Last Week

The River Thames has flooded into Higginson Park.  The line of the river bank can be seen along the line of mooring posts.


Confused Swans

River birds at the edge of the flood waters appear not sure whether to wade or swim.

IMG_0328 edit a

Higginson Park – Two Days Ago

The benches in the first images can be seen some distance in front, showing how far the river has encroached into the park.


Sir Steve Redgrave or King Canute

Sir Steve Rdegrave looks across Higginson Parkon at the ever rising waters

Higginson Park

Taken Yesterday – Higginson Park  is Substantially Under Water

Higginson park is now closed, as the floodwaters have increased dramatically over night.  To the left of this image is the main entrance to the park with the Causeway  and All Saints Church in the background.  To the right can be seen the children’s play ground also under water.


View to the Causeway

Higginson Park is now virtually under water.


All Saints Churchyard

Floodwater has begun to encroach into the All Saints Churchyard with a number of graves under water.


It’s all in the Words

A candid shot of a sign in the flooded car park of the Compleat Angler.


Town Farm from Quarry Wood Road

The River Thames has now flooded Quarry Wood Road and its riverside properties and engulfed  the fields of Town Farm across to the Marlow Bypass, which can be seen in the distance.


Quarry Wood Road

One of the many Quarry Wood Road properties affected by floodwater.


It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

Seen yesterday by Marlow Bridge, opposite the entrance to the Compleat Angler and a stones through from the flooded Quarry Hill Road.


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