Post 45 – A Pair of Black Swans arrive to nest on Buckinghamshire Lake

I saw my first black swan on the riverside at Henley on Thames two years ago and last year we were fortunate to have one spend the summer months in Marlow.  Although not too rare, I was surprised when a friend told me at the weekend that a pair of black swans had been seen on a Buckinghamshire lake.

I visited the lake today and strolled round its banks.  After some time I spotted the pair close to an island in the middle of the lake, to far way to photograph.  To my delighted the swans began to swim towards my side  and began to feed in the reeds.

Like mute swans, black swans tend to mate for life and there is every chance that they will soon nest at the lake side.  They will shortly begin building and providing the nest can be found without disturbing the birds I will be able to keep a photographic record from sitting on the nest through to the summer when the young cygnets take to the water.

IMG_1548 copy copy

IMG_1587 copy

IMG_1597a copy


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