Cincinnati, Ohio,

We have  arrived in Cincinnati to stay with our eldest son Charlie.  Unfortunately although we arrived in brilliant sunshine and temperatures above 70 degrees (f), the weather has changes to heavy rain and thunderstorms, therefore little opportunity for photography.  Good news is that good weather is forecast for the weekend.

IMG_0472 final 2

Eden Park Stand Pipe

This is Eden Park Stand Pipe, an old water tower and well known landmark in Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio. This image was taken from the twenty-first floor of an adjoining apartment block.

The Eden Park Stand Pipe is located in the Mount Adams community of Cincinnati, Ohio.  The brick structure has a cylindrical water tank with a taller octagonal turret attached, was built in 1894 and is 172 feet high.  The castle shaped tower was designed by Samuel Hannaford and Sons in the Romanesque Revival style and is owned by the city as a communications facility.  It was added to the National register of Historic Places in  1980.

The standpipe held water pumped into it from the Ohio River by means of the neighbouring Eden Park Station No. 7.  Water flowed out of it into two 24-inch (610 mm) and one 36-inch (910 mm) mains. However, as the city grew ever outward and newer water towers were built, the old standpipe was rendered obsolete and it was discontinued from service in 1916.









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