Post 47 – What a difference a few months makes.



This image was made in July last year and shows Marlow Weir with the River Thames peacefully progressing over the sluices and flowing lazily on its way to Bourne End and Maidenhead.

 IMG_8646 copy

Marlow Weir in Summer

However this scene dramatically changed in January this year  as a result of this high volumes rainfall falling on the hills to the west such as the Cotswolds and the Chilterns and flowing in flood down the River Thames to escape into the north Sea

Raging Thames copy


Flood waters over Marlow Weir

This image was made at approximately the same location.  You can see that the water levels below the weir were close to matching levels above the weir.  Despite the efforts of the Environmental Agency major flooding did occur to a number ofproperties on the river bank below the weir.


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