Post 52 – Jewel on the banks of the River Thames

Located on the Berkshire bank of the River Thames is All Saints Church, Bisham (click on image to enlarge) within easy walking distance along the northern river bank to the west of Marlow Bridge.

IMG_3021All Saints Church, Bisham

The tower is Norman and dates from around 1175, with the the rest of the building being subject to Victorian restoration in about 1849. That is apart from the 16th century  South Chapel.

Photographic Notes

I have been experimenting with my Canon EOS 6D using a Canon 50mm f/1.8 EF Lens (Mk11). Unlike a zoom lens, where you compose the mage by adjusting the lens, a prime lens or fixed lens such as 50mm requires the photographer to physically move.

The 50 mm lens is very light  and with an f/stop down to f/1.8 enables good, sharp, low light images to be made.  The other good news is that the price of this exceptional lens, at around £80.00, is very good value for money


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