Gateway of Despair

The 70th Anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz Concentration Camp reminded me of my own visit there in June 2012 and the of many photographs I had taken there.

Auschwitz Birkenau

The Infamous Iconic Rail Gateway at Auschwitz Birkenau

It is a chilling experience, none more so than the visit to Auschwitz  Birkenau, the second of the three camps.  Most of the prison huts have gone leaving rows of skeletal like chimney breasts as a final reminder of where the huts were located.

Berkenau Huts

A Forest of Chimneys

At the main camp, Auschwitz 1 is another infamous icon, the sign over the main gate which reads “ARBIET MACHT FREI” Work makes you Free


Why black and white?  I was there in late Spring, with clear blue skies and hot sunshine, that some how felt inappropriate to the surroundings that had seen such evil.


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