Family Life continues on the River Thames

Swans are usually monogamous, staying with one partner for life.  They also tend to return each year to the same nesting place.

Here is a Pen (female swan) sitting on her nest.  From my vantage point it is difficult to see whether she has laid her eggs or how many there are.  She will sit on the nest for 5 – 6 weeks after laying, being looked after and fed by the Cob (male swan).

Nesting swans are protected by Act of Parliament, so I could not get near to the nest.  In any event swans will often abandon their nests if disturbed.


The Pen sitting on her Nest


The Cob searching for Food


Looking for Rich Pickings on the River Bed

This pair of swans has been nesting here for a number of years.  In 2013 they produced eight cygnets, which can be seen in a short video on my Face Book page

I saw no sign of the pair in 2014 and feared the worst, so it was with great joy that I spotted there return yesterday.  I will keep visiting them, in the hope that in June time I shall be able to film the new family.


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