July on the River Thames

Here are two images from yesterday’s walk along the north bank of the River Thames.


The Church on the River

This is my new portrait of All Saints Church, Bisham.  The tower dates from around 1175 although the rest of the church was added in the 15th century.  The chalk and flint stone used in its construction makes the tower stand out and looking bright in all light conditions


Moorings full at Marlow

Like the town’s car parks, moorings along the Buckinghamshire bank of the River Thames at Marlow are full.  Boats are allowed here to moor overnight of a small fee and have easy access into Marlow town centre.

Prints of my images are available on my “shop” site  at: –www.chrishotton.photography.  Further images of Marlow cam be found on my principal web site at: – http://www.chrishotton.com

Images of Old Chesham in Buckinghamshire

Every now and then I rummage through my photo archive to see if there is anything worthy of resurrection.  This time I came up with a series of images that I had made of old Chesham in 2013.

I was asked to produce a series of images of Chesham to be hung in a local office building.  I was not ecstatic about the prospect as I was not sure that Chesham was particularly photogenic.  However, as you can see from the images below there are some pleasing buildings and street scenes to be found in the old town of Chesham, which includes the pedestrian town centre.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower


George & Dragon

The George and Dragon

Chuch Gates

St Mary’s Church Gates


St Mary's Church

St Mary’s Church

The Meades

The Broads

King Street

King Street


Temperance Hall

Church Street

Church Street

The Queens Head

The Queens Head

Prints of these photographs are available, either mounted or unmounted, by going to http://www.chrishotton.com.

The Last Images from 2015

First of all marlowimagefactory has a new blog theme for 2016, which I hope will show my images to better effect.  

I have posted four images made during the final days of 2015, all of which were shot in low light conditions with a Canon 6D camera and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM zoom lens.

Bridge Sunset. wwwWinter Sunset from Marlow Bridge

This image was shot from Marlow Bridge on 7th December at 16:03h with camera settings Aperture  f/4.5 : Shutter Speed 1/90 : ISO 100.

Marlow Lock Approach-1All Saints Church and Marlow Bridge from Marlow Lock Approach

This image was made on 28th December at 16:20h with camera settings Aperture f/4.0 : Shutter Speed 1/125 : ISO 3200.

Marlow Mill wwwMarlow Mill and Marlow Weir

This image was shot from Marlow Bridge across Marlow Weir to the residential development of Marlow Mill at 15:58h on 7th December with camera settings Aperture f/4.0 : Shutter Speed 1/125  : ISO 500.

All Saints 1a_tonemappedAll Saints Church

This is an HDR (High Dynamic Rage) image of All Saints Church from Marlow Bridge.  HDR gives a rather surreal feel and is useful in salvaging rather drab but otherwise good images.

This images was made at 15:50h on 28th December using camera settings Aperture f/4.0 : Shutter Speed 1/125 : ISO 400.

That’s it for 2015 and thanks to all who have read my blog.  

Happy New Year.